I’m happy, what should I do now?

Happiness is so weird. We spend our entire time on this planet focused on the pursuit of happiness and then when we find it (or something like it) and suddenly we start to feel unworthy. It’s finally here and we tell ourselves that we’re not deserving and feel as though it may be ripped out from under us the second the universe remembers how much more fun it is to watch us struggle.

It’s Disney’s fault, of course. The movies we grew up with taught us to be cautious of happiness and happy people. Everyone knows that just when things are going well, shit is about to get real dark. We all remember when Bambi’s Mum was blind sided in the woods by a hunter, we cried as Nemo and his Dad were the only survivors in a vicious barracuda attack and there is still residual anger and heartache 22 years after witnessing the great wildebeest tragedy of 1994. #justiceforMufasa.


So here we are, grown adults trying to give adulting a red hot go and feeling as though life is finally on track.

Sure, there are probably people you miss and moments you wish you could do over but let’s be real; life is (for the most part) pretty great! You wake up to the sweet sound of blue birds chirping and tiny woodland animals help you get dressed to start your day. The sun is shining down on your kingdom and you’re feeling blessed as fuck when it hits you. You know it’s only a matter of time before the Disney curse is going to bring every thing crashing down and you’ll be wallowing in despair in no time right? Wrong.

Here’s 5 tips for navigating happiness without dying in the first 5 minutes and realising your death is actually the catalyst in the animated feature film that is your life.


1. Don’t panic. Happiness can be scary and is often confronting especially if the people you surround yourself with tend to be a little blue. As someone who is severely sarcastic and generally struggles to keep a seemingly average situation from turning dramatic, it’s even harder. So, just focus on the greatness surrounding you and you’ll start to notice all the wonderful things that you’ll be attracting to your life by being open to it.

2. Quit questioning. Just for a change, how about we try to believe that we are actually deserving of some good once in a while? It’s easy to push opportunities away because we don’t feel ready or as though we haven’t worked hard enough for them but the truth is, you are and you did and it’s so okay to be happy and proud of yourself for letting yourself feel filled with light and love. You is smart, you is kind, you is important and you is deserving of happiness! Say it with me people.


3. Stop searching for the negatives. Contrary to popular belief you can actually just enjoy being in a good place. Turn down the dial on your self-deprivation and allow yourself to shine, shine, shine. Sure, life isn’t always going to be a bed of roses but we don’t have to pour our energy into anything that doesn’t feel nice and fluffy. I’m not talking about denial either here people but there is a significant difference between ignoring your problems and having the ability to dust yourself off and smile on like the badass unicorn that you are.

4. Shake off the haters. Some people find it hard to be happy for their happy friends. Of course there will be emotional vampires in your life that are going to try to bleed you dry of every ounce of happiness you have within you so, beware! If you’ve got great news, share it. If you get negative feedback, delete it. Social media has made it so easy for people to observe and comment on events in a way that can really leave you feeling down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what other people are saying about you is absolutely none of your business. Let it go Elsa and while you’re at it, let them go too.


5. Enjoy it! That’s it really. Just get on with living your bliss. You don’t need permission to live a great life and you sure as shit don’t need to apologise for being as bright as the sun, so just do it already.

I made a commitment to myself a while ago to be more open to new experiences, people and opportunities. In doing so, I have ended the cycle of the wretched Disney curse and stopped allowing negativity to enter my life. Sometimes I slip up and find myself feeding the hyenas who are chomping at the bit to chow down. They want to tear me to shreds but the relief filters back in when I realise; love and positivity will always win over attempts to shame, silence or degrade.


We all know there is more than enough negativity in the world at the moment without the added noise of the hunters, barracuda, wildebeests, sea witches and evil dictator uncles of your life chiming in.

So, next time you hear someone picking apart relationships they aren’t a part of, being judgemental assholes or attempting to tear down blissful and happy people, give that jealous knob head a poison apple and be done with it because you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life.

Love, P.

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