2016 has been a pretty intensely shitty year. I know I’m not alone because almost every conversation I’ve been a part of and meme or status I’ve seen have echoed that exact sentiment. Tales of hatred, humiliation and disaster have filled our Newsfeeds and we’ve all fallen victim to clickbait media shitstorms created to distract us from the real problems that are going on around us.


Every year around this time, I sit and think about how quickly the months have flown by, all the things I wish I had done differently and all the things I want to avoid going into the new year. This year is a little different though. This year, I’m focusing – mostly – on positivity and hopefully by putting my resolutions on here for all of you, I can be more accountable to myself.

I’m not going to make promises I’ve never kept before. There will be no documented attempts to quit smoking, ambitious plans of going to the gym everyday or only eating carbs on Wednesday afternoons. Instead, I want this to be as real and raw as possible – actual achievable goals – goals that aren’t going to make me anxious or filled with regret as soon as I write them down.

I know, I know; creating a better life can/should start right now! That’s why I’m not waiting until January 1st. Besides, trying hard not to romanticise resolutions has almost always been a challenge for me. So here goes.

I will no longer deny myself the pleasure or feel guilty about the things I love. It’s my body, my money and my joy. Orgasms, $10 bath bombs, that third piece of cake; I’m a Queen and I fucking deserve it.

I will tell more strangers when I like their outfits, hair style or whatever it is they are slaying when I see them. Sometime I just end up staring like a weirdo and saying nothing. Everyone deserves to hear that their brows are on point or that their outfit is giving me liiiiiife.


I will not turn down the music when I pull up next to random humans at traffic lights. What do I care if they don’t appreciate me belting out John Farnham or Shania Twain classics?

I will get completely out of debt and be smarter with money this year. Waiting on hold to organise an extension for a bill or sobbing onto the shoulder of a Sheriff (who has clearly had enough of your shit) over unpaid tolls just isn’t cute anymore.

I will go out to brunch weekly – on my own or with some babes. No. Really. It’s a thing. It’s important. For the pictures. For the noms. Check out my Instagram and thank me later. #foodporn @thatphoenix.girl


I will stop saying yes to or apologising for everything. It is actually okay to not want to do everything or everyone. I’m only going to ‘swipe right’ on situations that I know aren’t going to leave me weeping with regret.

I will complain less. I hate people who whinge and somehow I managed to become the most annoying one of all.

I will read more. Every day is a school day and I don’t want to stop learning. Like, ever.

I will stop texting while driving. It’s stupid and I’m putting myself and others at risk.

I will make my bed every single day. I spend so much money on linen, throws and statement cushions, it only makes sense that I should make an effort to make them feel loved.

I will try not to be scared. This life is the only one I have. Hiding from new things, refusing to explore new connections or standing frozen in my comfort zone is a disaster waiting to happen. Not to mention a one way ticket to Sad-town. Population: me.


I will continue to choose honesty as the best and only policy. Even when its hard. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it makes me feel vulnerable. #realandraw

I will moisturise every day. I’m practically 30 (I am!) and now I’m discovering new lines on my face, daily. I love them and I love what they represent so, to cherish them, I’ll rub sweet elixir into their creases. You know, for nurturing purposes and to foster a healthy glow.

I will remember to take time for me. I will try to sleep in on my days off – at least until 8am and actually look after my safe spaces. They are an extension of me and I deserve the best.

I will think positive thoughts about my body, mind and spirit. There is only one me. Why the fuck shouldn’t I adore myself.



I will be free with my emotions. Feel the things. Struggle a little. Be present and aware. How else am I going to live authentically?

I will be more thankful and vocal about the people who build me up, encourage and support me. I’ve got a rad gang of misfits beside me and it’s about time I start seriously plotting ways to get them allllllll to Melbourne at the same time.

That’s it, those are my 2017 resolutions. The things that I can do and more importantly –will do to make sure 2017 is a year spent creating more smile lines, loving the shit out of myself and spreading some of that love around. A year to envy all others.

Bring it on babes, we’ve got this!

Love, P.


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